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Sailor Folklore says the Lusca is the name given to a sea monster said to exist in the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean.  It would prey on all creatures from the shallows to the great abysses.  Lusca’s slender shape makes this an exceptional vertical pitch jig from great depths.  The long slides and vibrant falls give you an advantage on strong targets like small to large Tunas.  Lusca is available in 3 colors with illuminating stripes.  This jig is very effective in zero to heavy currents.  Lusca is an excellent choice for Bluefin Tunas!

Mustad Assist Hooks Included


150g – 7.12 in

200g – 7.75 in

250g – 8.3 in

300g – 8.75 in

400g – 9.75 in


Material - Lead

Conditions - Saltwater

Features - Glow-in-the-Dark Striping

Shape - Flat Back, Stick Jig