About Us

Get Hooked Tackle is a premium tackle company, meticulously crafting artificial lures and jigs for unparalleled performance that are tough enough to withstand the harshest elements. Offering a variety of weight sizes, all of our tackle is made from high-quality materials and craftsmanship to provide superior functionality. 

Get Hooked Tackle is about mastering the art of bringing a metal jig to life, the thrill of a bent rod, and the prize of landing a trophy. It’s about getting hooked on the satisfaction of your hard work paying off. It’s about the reward that follows diligence. 

But once the work is done, Get Hooked Tackle is about raising your glass to lifelong memories, the therapeutic effect of a salt breeze, and soaking in your prescribed dose of Vitamin D. It’s about getting hooked on having sand between your toes. It’s about falling in love with the water and all its wonders. 

Our brand, as a veteran and family-owned company, is dedicated to delivering tackle of unmatched quality and versatility with our customer in mind. We look forward to helping you land the catch of a lifetime!