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Medusa is a slow pitch jig by design but can equally be effective vertically jigged due to its asymmetrical shape.  The Medusa has four cups on it’s lower backside which act like water brakes during her fall action.  This slowed decent allows the predator to immediately stone the Medusa, not knowing it was the predator that’s been stoned and will be in the fish box.  The Medusa comes in 4 colors(with luminous stripes) with 3 weight variations.  This jig is very effective in zero to moderate-strong currents.  Mustad Assist Hooks Included


150g – 4.25 in

200g – 4.65 in

250g – 5 in


Material - Lead

Conditions - Saltwater

Features - Glow-in-the-Dark Striping

Shape -Diamond-grooved shaped back