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Ula means the "jewel of the sea".  She is the smaller version of the Starburst.  It's shorter, stouter shape gives it the versatility to be slow pitched and vertical pitched.  Since Ula is wider than most slow pitch jigs, she tends to fall flat and flutter giving an opportunity for predator fish to strike hard.  The Ula has a 3D fisheye center mass on one side with luminous stripes.  The other side has geometrical angles which gives various hydro dynamics in all directional positions on the fall.  Ula is available in 5 colors in 2 weights.  This is an excellent jig for currents between zero to moderate-heavy currents.

Mustad Assist Hooks Included


Material - Lead

Conditions - Saltwater

Features - Glow-in-the-Dark Striping

Shape - Asymmetrical, red gem eye